Are You Health Focused With The Desire To Take Control Of Your Own Healthcare While Safe Guarding Your Financial Well Being? 
More than a better Health Plan, a Genuine HEALTHY CARE STRATEGY...

Empowering Patients and Freeing Doctors to Innovate.

A Healthy Care Strategy Plan by Your Freedom Hub
Presented by Charles Frohman
With insurance companies hiking prices every year - and using networks to deny choice of doctor and treatment - families and small businesses desperately have sought alternatives that offer peace of mind.

We set out to empower patients in a way to be free to choose their health care while reigning in costs. We have found solutions for businesses and individuals to save on health costs, build the ultimate medical spending account, and maximize retirement with an HSA. Click "Learn More About Plan Options" to learn about Health Excellence Plus - our flagship product.

Discover the freedom to choose the care you desire and pay less.
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** Plans are ACA compliant.