The Best HSA on the Market
And an Incredible Retirement Vehicle
Why HealthSavings?
They Offer the “Investor’s HSA”
  • Their first-dollar investing allows you to invest right away … no need to reach a minimum balance or threshold.
  • They offer a streamlined list of 42 low-cost Vanguard® and Dimensional funds that covers all core asset classes.
  • Their average account balance is 5x higher than the industry average. Their accountholders understand the value of HSAs as part of a comprehensive retirement strategy.
  • They don’t have investment transaction fees. This allows you to shift from spending, to saving, to investing, as your medical needs change over time.
They have been around since Day 1
  • HealthSavings has been in the healthcare savings and investment world since medical savings accounts (MSAs) were first introduced in 1997.
  • After the legislation enacting HSAs passed in January 2004, they shifted their focus to HSAs – emphasizing, even then, the vital role that HSAs play as part of a comprehensive retirement strategy.
  • Today, they work exclusively with HSAs and thrive in the top 1% of HSA companies nationwide.

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