Health Excellence Plus Dr Raymond Kordonowy
Dr Raymond Kordonowy Health Excellence Plus

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Dr. Kordonowy understands how best to treat his patients, ensuring that they get the highest quality care for competitive, market based prices. He offers the unique Inpatient Advocate Service™, providing a full-fledged “medical home” model including comprehensive labs, diagnostic equipment, and primary care all  in one conveniently located office. His generic prescription service saves significant costs on medications  and is widely used by his clients; savings achieved often defray the cost of Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership. 

DPC is a membership subscription with a comprehensively trained doctor. Having a medical home with a consistent, personal doctor allows your health story to unfold in safe hands. This is the most effective way to be treated as a patient. Full-service access for an affordable and predictable cost. 

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Finally a Medical Cost Sharing plan that supports patients choosing Direct Primary Care. 

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