DPC Plan Features
The Health Excellence Plus DPC Plan
A Healthy Care Strategy 
DPC Plan Features

Large Medical Expenses

  • Contain Unforeseen Incidents With Medical Cost Sharing 
  • Medical Cost Sharing Network—Open Access network; can use any provider who accepts cash payment
  • Initial Unshared Amount (IUA) Options—Select IUA of your choice: $500, $1000, $1500, $2500, or $5000
  • Maximum Number Of IUA’s Annually—3 per individual/5 per membership unit
  • Prescription Drugs—normal sharing rules apply for curative medications; 120 days for maintenance medications (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.)
  • Pre-Existing Conditions—36 month look-back: no coverage for 1st 12 months; $15K 2nd year; $30K 3rd year; unlimited thereafter
  • Maternity Benefits—$5K IUA for normal deliveries and $7.5K for non-emergency/elective C-sections; conception must have occurred after membership per section 9 of the Guidelines
  • Therapies—range from $1.5K to $2.5K/Need under Section 8 of the Guidelines
  • Psychiatric And Behavioral Health—3 Free Consultations, plus hourly rate via Teledoc, $5K inpatient maximum/Need; $1.5K outpatient/Need under Section 8 of the Guidelines
  • Tobacco Use—$75 surcharge per membership unit. If age 50 or over, $25K sharing restriction for cancer, stroke, heart conditions and COPD
  • Sharing Limits—No annual or lifetime limits
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