Established in 2018



Your Freedom Hub was started by a group of us who felt that our health, wealth (abundance), and freedom, were under attack.  Indeed, they were.  Now, with the official U.S. vaccine adverse event reporting agency (VAERS) showing tens of thousands of deaths and over a million serious COVID vaccine adverse events, this dark plan to control the world through medical tyranny, the Climate hoax, the WEF and Agenda 2030’s “sustainable” goals, is right out of a bad Hollywood movie. Even the most “conspiracy” minded a few years ago could never have imagined the extent and evil of this brazen world coup d’etat being carried out today.

The core Freedom Hub group consists of Charles Frohman, Jeff Kanter, Jane Dolan, and Jim Grapek.  We are a group of idealists who have retained our moral compasses and are working to help bring light to the darkness, and build a freer, happier, healthier, and more humane tomorrow.